Agios Efstratios is the third and the smallest island of Lesvos Municipality but belongs to Lemnos island. The island is only 21 miles away from Lemnos (from Myrina).

Around the island there are many small islands, most important of these are Daskalio, Velia and Dodeka Apostoloi.

Agios Efstratios is one of the most “misunderstood” islands since during war, was a place of expulsion.

The soil is volcanic and the biggest valley is northeastern, at the area named Alonitsi, that used to be a vineyard many years before. There is a smaller valley at the edge of the contemporary settlement.

The highest pick is named “Simadi” (sign in Greek) with 298 meters height. The island has a few vegetation specially at the northeastern side, mainly forest areas consisted of oaks.

Main occupation of local people s fishing and less cattle-breeding and farming. The island took his name from Agios Efstratios who during iconoclasm disembarked on the island, interrupting his journey to the place of expulsion. His grave is there also.

From 1928 to 1960 Agios Efstratios was quite famous as a place of expulsion for 3000-4000 famous or anonymous people that were living in tents.

The settlement (the only village) and the port of Agios Efstratios are at the northwestern side of the island. The village is new since in 1968 an earthquake destroyed the houses and the inhabitants had to rebuilt the village.