Lemnos is the eighth biggest island of Greece of 438 s.m. extend. Belongs to the north Aegean sea, the Thracian sea, between Agio Oros, Samothraki, Imbros and Lesvos. Lemnos and Agios Efstratios comprise the courthouse of Lemnos of Lesvos municipality.

Capital city and main port of Lemnos island is Myrina, that took the name of the king Thoantas wife. Till 1955 Myrina was named Kastro, a name that some local people use it till nowadays.

Lemnos is a volcanic island. There are no forests but there are many extensive, fruitful plains with vines and cereals. The beaches of the island are wonderful and Lemnos is ideal for calm vacation.

The basic occupations of the residents are cattle-raising, agriculture and fishing. Also tourism, commerce and nautical occupations develop also.

Lemnos produces many goods of excellent quality like: cereals, legumes, wine, figs, almonds and honey. In Lemnos island you can taste the great “Lemnos” wine, with special odor and taste. Dairy products like feta cheese, salamoura and varelaki.

The island has a lot of special fish. The rocky beaches around the island are ideal for underwater fishing.